In an astonishing series of events this last week and in light of continued chaos
and fly by night trading, we hear that an estimated $700 Million worth in various
bitcoin transactions, are in fact, “stuck”.  Somewhere in the area of 115 thousand
transactions  are “unconfirmed “.
     Read the full story by Francisco Memoria, there is a link below.
     And fasten you’re seatbelts, this week is just getting started…….

By Francisco Memoria on 11/11/2017



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Crypto Currency madness


The world of crypto-currency was badly shaken up today when it was announced that the upcoming Segwit 2x Bitcoin hard fork would be canceled.

At this time and through out the day there is a very high degree of rumor, speculation, and anger at the timing.  This was going to be a major change in the volatile world of crypto-currency blockchains.  Many promises were made.  Contracts were arranged, and deals were made.  Indeed, many years of technical coding research and preparation were invested in what was to be a block chain capacity increase.  Even this author spent most of the night working on pre-positioning Alt-Coins in preparation for the hard fork.  Then, when the news broke, I spent several more hours reversing my transactions.

It will be a very interesting to see how all this plays out.  Stay tuned.
















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The Bright Star threat….can the DPRK attack from space


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Introducing… Enpulsion 


In Orbit Demonstration in 2017:
The IFM Nano Thruster has been the first European Thruster that has been sold to a commercial constellation. Since then, several companies have chosen this technology for their satellites in the range of 3-100kg satellites. ESA has recently chosen the IFM Nano thruster as the best possible thruster for the 6U e.inspector platform.


Now don’t think that this is a sales pitch….. It’s not.  When I saw this information it reminded me of the “erectorsets”.  You should watch the video.  In layman’s terms…. you have very small thrusters that fit together, like Legos, in what ever configuration that is required.  (More weight… connect more thrusters)


Visit Website for more information:



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The Grand Canyon by helicopter #2

More footage of one of the seven wonders of the world……Grand Canyon by air 2


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