Introspection 1.5

Introspection 1.5


There was a period of time were I began to have dought’s.

…… around the Inuguration….or rather soon after…..


Lost a few friends.  Made some mistakes.  It was right around the “Not my Presidents Day” protests in Salt Lake City.  I covered this protest solo.  It was a really ….well….tame, protest and not very many people viewed the live stream…

I offended someone by making a joke about sending photos after signing up for a new social media site.  The individual misunderstood the intent and was very badly hurt.  After I had discovered my error, I made every effort to apologize and make it right.  I was not successful.  When your “blocked” on every single social media platform and you don’t have an email address of the person, it is difficult to communicate any kind of apologies.  Then, rumors circulate, incorrect information gets out, and the next thing I know I’m blocked everywhere.

After this terrible incident, I saw no point in continuing my pursuits of truth.  It was over…. So, I made a…what…final video, to mark the end.  It was a pretty good one too.  At least I thought so.  It certainly was a bit melodramatic.  I based the title “I Can Hear The Sound”, off of a scene from The Matrix.  If you are familiar with the movie, it was a part where Neo has a major fight with Agent Smith.  Both of the protagonists were down on the subway rail tracks and Agent Smith gets Neo in an imobiziing choke hold and asks Neo; “you hear that sound Mr Anderson…?” The sound he is referring to is an approaching subway train with it’s horn.  Then Agent Smith continues; “It’s the sound of inevitability..”.  And so it was how I perceived my situation.  A continuous and inevitable end to my journey…….

Be aware that there is both a “Trailer ” and a Full Version HD.

Enjoy !









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