Area 52 Blog update March 2018

In The Camera Eye

.Blog Update:




.The direction I want to go in the future comes in three parts.  First, for purposes of organization, In The Camera Eye, is the over all blog.  In a “roll” format.  However, there will be a sub-category, Area 52.  Now Area 52 blogs posts in the future will focus more on regional topics.  I would say mostly around the inter-mountain west.  You will note that right now I am working on the “Area 52 Project” which is in the West Desert near the Great Salt Lake salt flats in Utah.  This is the third area of focus.  I will work on a project, and it might well be an Area 52 project, but I will specify exactly what we will be looking into to avoid confusion.  National and worldwide issues and stories will be covered using the main blog page In The Camera Eye.  But remember, most all the stories will post on the main page blog roll.


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