Open Your Mind

.The Great Migration

.“Minds is an open source social networking platform that rewards you for your contributions, so, basically you earn tokens for your activity and you can use those tokens to boost your content, get more exposure, and also as a crowdfunding tool.”

.Think Open Source

.“We are a community-owned social network dedicated to transparency, privacy and rewarding people for their contributions. We are called Minds because it’s meant to be a representation of the network itself,” he said. “Our mission is Internet freedom with privacy, transparency, free speech within the law and user control. Additionally, we want to provide our users with revenue opportunity and the ability to truly expand their reach and earn rewards for their contributions to the network.”

“We have a huge community of artists, musicians, writers, filmmakers – it’s not really all political stuff – it’s actually mostly not, but obviously people love to cover politics and the news and that’s a big audience we have,” Ottman said. “We also have a fair amount of people from the progressive side who want an interesting place where rational people on the left and right actually are able to have a mature conversations about various issues and support free speech.”. -> Bill Ottman CEO



.“We started Minds in my basement after being disillusioned by user abuse on Facebook and other big tech services. We saw spying, data mining, algorithm manipulation, and no revenue sharing,” he said. “To us, it’s inevitable that an open source social network becomes dominant, as was the case with Wikipedia and proprietary encyclopedias.”

His efforts have paid off. The team now has over 1 million registered users and over 105,000 monthly active users. They are working on a number of initiatives, including an ICO, and the site makes money through “boosting” – essentially the ability to pay to have a piece of content float higher in the feed.



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