Israel Killed JFK And Has Ruled America Ever Since – The Millennium Report

Here is quite an extraordinary video and link from the Millennium Report by “Video Rebel’s Blog”.  Dated December 28 2017

It is quite a lengthy piece with a substantial  amount of information.  However, it is an interesting read.

The following is from a video made by Michael Collins Piper. He has connected all the dots in the Kennedy assassination and tied them to Israel.


Here is some excerpts:

“It was no coincidence that President Kennedy was assassinated on November 22, 1963 which was the 53rd anniversary of Israel’s earlier coup. President Kennedy had dared to attempt to take America back from the Jews.”


“Mordecai Vanunu was the original whistleblower. In 1986 he told the world that Israel had nuclear weapons and published photos of the secret Dimona works in the British press. He said Prime Minister Ben Gurion ordered the assassination of JFK because the President opposed Israel’s acquisition of nuclear weapons.”


Here is the link to the full article:











  1. I was just talking about this with someone earlier tonight & how I am shocked that after all those files became public there has been no real talk about it it came & went & nothing. Nice to see you posting and talking about it.

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